Apps like Pages (by Apple)


Pages is Apple’s own word processor, an is therefore absolutely optimized for the use with iPhone and iPad. The app is very powerful and very simple to use. It includes usage of iCloud, so you can access your documents from any other device with iCloud (your Mac, for example). You can easily create, edit and share very attractive documents, use your photo library, insert tables, charts and shapes and much much more. If you haven’t tried Pages yet, you’ll be amazed by how much this little app can do for your productivity while on-the-go.

Similar apps to Pages (by Apple)

documents CloudOn: Create, review and share documents, spreadsheets and presentations from any device, using your favorite cloud storage provider with CloudOn. Open and edit Word, Excel and Powerpoint! Works with Dropbox, Google Drive, and many others. FREE (with in-app upgrades available)
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documents Documents (by Savy Soda): One the most popular light-weight alternatives to Word, for the VERY BASICS. If you only need to open a file and do minor edits, this will be okay. If you want more freedom in editing your documents then Pages is likely the better choice.
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